Child Protection Information for Judges


Adoption and Permanency Guidelines

CCC Preliminary Protective Hearing Benchcard

CCC Preliminary Protective Hearing Benchcard Inserts

Effective Judging for Busy Judges

Immigration Benchbook

Judicial Excellence in Child Abuse and Neglect Proceedings - Principles & Standards For Court Organization, Judicial Selection and Assignment, Judicial Administration and Judicial Education

Resource Guidelines-Improving Court Practice in Child Abuse and Neglect Cases



Checklist to Promote Perpetrator Accountability in Dependency Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice: Two Sides of the Same Coin, Part I and II

Effective Management of Parental Substance Abuse in Dependency Cases

Ex Parte Communications between Children and Judges in Dependency Proceedings

FASD and the Role of Family Court Judges in Improving Outcomes for Children and Families

Helping Traumatized Children - A Judges Fact Sheet

Judicial Viewpoint on ASFA
New Federal Resources - Students in Foster Care

Reasonable Efforts Checklist for Dependency Cases Involving Domestic Violence

Recognizing when a Child’s Injury or Illness is Caused by Abuse

Understanding Detained and Incarcerated Teen Mothers and Their Children

Visitation with Infants and Toddlers in Foster Care: What Judges and Attorneys Need to Know

With Me, Not without Me - How to Involve Children in Court

Zero to Three: Critical Issues for the Juvenile and Family Court



Child Welfare Information Gateway*

National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges*

State Child Welfare Policy Database*

University of Washington School of Law - Court Improvement Training Academy*

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