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Nov 12, 2014 Turner v. City of Lapwai #41560
  Dept. of Transportation v. HJ Grathol #40168
  State v. Abdullah #31659/39417
Nov 10, 2014 Bond v. Round #41485
  State v. Arrotta #41632
Nov 3, 2014 BRN Development v. Taylor Engineering #40625
  State v. Sanchez-Castro #40603
  Deon v. H&J (Industrial Commission) #41593
Oct 3, 2014 Samuel J. Zylstra v. State of Idaho & Boise State University #41421
  Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp. v. Margaret A. Butcher #41188
  HFLP, LLC v. City of Twin Falls #41277
Sept 26, 2014 State v. Dameniel Preston Owens #41174
  State v. Dennis John Halseth  #41169
  Newman K. Giles v. Eagle Farms, Inc.
(Industrial Commission)
  Firmage v. Snow #42141
Aug 29, 2014  International Real Estate Solutions v. Gordon Arave #41297
  Cable One, Inc. v. Tax Commission #41305
Aug 28, 2014 Timothy Williams v. Board of Real Estate Appraisers) #41193
  Renee L. Baird-Sallaz v. Dennis J. Sallaz #41301
  Idaho Youth Ranch, Inc. v. Board of Equalization #41256
Aug 27, 2014 Roger L. Stevens v. Steven B. Cummings #40793
  Christian Westby v. Gregory Schaefer, M.D. #40587
  State v. Katherine Lea Stanfield #40301
Aug 22, 2014 Jay Brown v. Auga Sayoko Mimoto Greenheart #41189
  Tracy Sales v. Stacie Peabody #41446
  Stanley Consultants v. Integrated Financial Assoc. #40514
Aug 20, 2014 Richard J. Braese, Jr. v. Stinker Stores #41296
  State v. Micha Abraham Wulff #41179
  State v. Gary L. Schall #41645
July 29, 2014 John Doe & Jane Doe #42020
  Emily E. Suter v. Jeffrey C. Biggers  #41976
June 6, 2014 State v. Matthew Steven Taylor #40553
  State v. Jesse Elias (Petition for Review) #41477
  917 Lusk, LLC v. City of Boise (Judicial Review) #41214
June 4, 2014 State v. Charlynda Lynn Goggin #40554
  U.S. Bank National Assoc. v. CitiMortgage, Inc. #41252
  State v. Michael Rowe Russo (Petition for Review) #41395
June 2, 2014 Reed J. Taylor v. Richard A. Riley #40595

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