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Idaho Rules of Family Law Procedure Rule 115. Public Access to Proceedings
– Trials and Hearings.

All trials upon the merits shall be conducted in open court and so far as convenient in a regular courtroom; except that in an action for divorce, annulment, civil protection order or breach of promise of marriage, the court may exclude all persons from the courtroom except officers of the court, the parties, their witnesses, and counsel, provided that in any cause the court may exclude witnesses as provided in the Idaho Rules of Evidence.  All trials or hearings of any court held before a judge or magistrate assigned thereto, and all judgments and orders issued by such courts shall be deemed to have been done in open court regardless of the place held.  In the discretion of the court, any hearing except a trial or evidentiary hearing may be held outside the county in which the action was filed or transferred for change of venue.  A minute entry shall be made by the clerk of the court under the direction of the court of all court proceedings and filed in the official file of the action.  


(Adopted April 2, 2014, effective for early adopters July 1, 2014, effective statewide July 1, 2015.)

As the Third Branch of Government, we provide access to justice through the timely, fair, and impartial resolution of cases.


Members of the
Idaho Supreme Court

Chief Justice Roger S. Burdick
Justice Daniel T. Eismann
Justice Jim Jones
Justice Warren E. Jones
Justice Joel D. Horton

Members of the
Idaho Court of Appeals

Chief Judge John M. Melanson
Judge Karen L. Lansing
Judge Sergio A. Gutierrez
Judge David W. Gratton



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