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Idaho Rules of Civil Procedure Rule 11(b)(3). Leave to Withdraw - Notice to Client.

If an attorney is granted leave to withdraw, the court shall enter an order permitting the attorney to withdraw and directing the attorney's client to appoint another attorney to appear, or to appear in person by filing a written notice with the court stating how the client will proceed without an attorney, within 20 days from the date of service or mailing of the order to the client. After the order is entered, the withdrawing attorney shall forthwith, with due diligence, serve copies of the same upon the client and all other parties to the action and shall file proof of service with the court. The withdrawing attorney may make such service upon the client by personal service or by certified mail to the last known address most likely to give notice to the client, which service shall be complete upon mailing. Upon the entry of an order granting leave to an attorney to withdraw from an action, no further proceedings can be had in that action which will affect the rights of the party of the withdrawing attorney for a period of 20 days after service or mailing of the order of withdrawal to the party. If such party fails to file and serve an additional written appearance in the action either in person or through a newly appointed attorney within such 20 day period, such failure shall be sufficient ground for entry of default and default judgment against such party or dismissal of the action of such party, with prejudice, without further notice, which shall be stated in the order of the court. The attorney shall provide the last known address of the client in any notice of withdrawal. 


(Amended March 24, 1982, effective July 1, 1982; amended March 23, 1983, effective July 1, 1983; amended march 30, 1994, effective July 1, 1994.)

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